Wireless Gutter Camera

Using a Wireless Gutter Camera

Blockages and obstructions are the main cause of guttering overflowing, whether a build-up of silt, leaves, debris or even carcasses they can severely affect how your gutters work and lead to water damage to your building. The quickest and most efficient way of identifying these issues is to use a wireless gutter camera in conjunction with your gutter vacuum or as a standalone using a high reach pole.

Gutter Inspection / Roof Inspection Made Easy – Instantly Identify Issues

Being able to identify a possible problem with you gutter or quickly and efficiently allows you to address the issue and the use of a wireless gutter camera takes out the guesswork and especially when it can all be operated without the use of ladders or leaving the ground, this makes it the ideal safe and efficient solution for gutter and roof inspection.
Our wireless gutter camera system uses the latest technology and incorporates six super-bright LEDs has a high resolution of 720 x 576 pixels, super light, compact and convenient, it has also designed to be impact and shock resistant and comes with a powerful built in lithium ion battery ensuring that your wireless gutter camera is tough enough for all jobs. Coupled with the camera is a 5” monitor offering a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels so that you can instantly identify any guttering blockages or issues and also comes with all the attachments needed for either a high reach pole or our gutter vacuum.

Wireless Gutter Camera System – The Perfect Solution

Using a wireless gutter camera not only means you can address any issues or blockages that may arise but also permits you to carry out a safe gutter or roof inspection on the condition of the guttering or roof, and instantly identify any cracks, leaks, joints, broken tiles or damaged roofs that need to be repaired and this can save a lot of time and money as prevention is certainly better than the cure. So whether you are looking to use our wireless gutter camera system as a standalone gutter / roof inspection tool or coupling it with our innovative gutter vacuum for the ultimate in gutter maintenance you will find our gutter cam system an indispensable tool.

Wireless Gutter Camera