The Gutter Vacuum


Our massively powerful industrial 4200 watt vacuum is more than powerful enough to cope with any gutter cleaning situation you come across. Prices start from £ 1,386 + vat. You can choose a pole option from 20ft through to 40ft.


Main features:-
3 x 1400 watt industrial motors (which can be run separately or simultaneously)
Cyclonic action giving extra power
100mm side entry port eliminating blockages
Quick trolley dismount to enable easy access through properties.
25 ft of 50mm smooth bore hose (giving a working distance of 50ft without moving the vacuum)
Lightweight 2 meter carbon fiber poles
Wet or dry application with a side hose for easy water drainage.


80 litre tank (big enough for all your needs but not too big to make to make it cumbersome)
Safe- no need for ladders
Very fast one person operation
Up to 40ft reach
Big profit Margins
For both domestic and commercial properties