High Reach Inspection System


With our extendable telescopic 36ft pole. The Pole Camera can either work alongside our Gutter Vacuum (with two operators) or is a quick and easy way to survey the gutters before and after a job. You can record to the mini SD card allowing you to email your customers a copy if requested.


transportation length 1.18m (3ft 10")
weight 3.3kg (7lbs)
bottom diameter 55mm (2 1/6")
wall thickness 1.4mm - 2mm
number of segments 11
pole material black fiberglass, UV protected specially reinforced multilayer winding


These are extremely strong poles, with a much greater wall thickness (up to 2mm!) than some others on the market. A special reinforcing winding technique - several layers of fiberglass are wound in alternating direction (criss/cross winding) - provides greatly increased lateral and linear strength. Stronger joints are achieved by a much larger overlap between the individual tube segments than usual.