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Massively powerful 4200 watt gutter vacuum

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The Gutter Vacuum with it massively powerful 4200 Watt (3 X 1400W) By-Pass Double Stage Motors and super light carbon fiber poles. The ultimate in power, performance and mobility. With a huge 100mm side entry inlet, blockages are a thing of the past.


When cleaning gutters you will want to clean continuously without getting frustrating blockages and you will need enough power to clear any gutter you come across, that is why we developed the guttervacuum.

 Our system has a side entry inlet port which is 100 mm diameter has a huge benefit over front entry systems because it NEVER gets blocked...Every front entry vacuum gets blocked as soon as you start sucking down volumes of leaves and debris. There is nothing more frustrating than lifting up 25ft of poles to get a blockage immediately and then having to bring your poles back down to clear the blockage . 


Our tubes are 100% carbon fibre and weigh just 340g each and are 51mm diameter. 

Our hose is smooth bore (to stop debris catching and causing blockages) and is 25ft long and 50mm diameter.

Our Vacuum is a hugely powerful 4200w which has 10197 litres per minute airflow.

What you will get with your Purchase

1 x 4200w gutter vacuum

 carbon fibre poles (1.5 meters long)

Bag for poles

25ft of 50mm smooth bore hose 

180 degree tool holder

135 degree tool holder

Standard end tool 

Long reach end tool 

Steel dirt breaker

Crevice tool

Vacuum brush

100mm - 50mm reducer


bag for tools

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